Tankless Water Heater (Quick Series)

Tankless Water Heater (Quick Series)

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Quik Tankless (Q153 / Q243)

  • 3 phase Model
  • Digital Display Energy Consumption
  • Patented  case for high usage and supply multiple lines for shower
  • product Size: 385*260*90mm
  • overheat Protection: 72C
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Quik Tankless (Q55 / Q68)

  • Unique Heat Exchanger Technology: The Heating element and water pipe are molded together for quick transfer of heat from element to the water without contact. This ensures quick heating, long life, and safety.
  • Microprocessor Control: The system adjusts heating power output to maintain the set temperature even when the water flow rate is altered.
  • Leakage protection: If the unit detects any current leakage, the power will be cut off.
  • Overheat protection: Super safe as it prevents the heat exchanger from overheating (i.e. more than 90° C)
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Quik Tankless(Q90)

  • Microprocessor Control: System adjusts heating power output to maintain
    the set temperature even when the water flow rate is altered.
  • Wide Pressure Range: Enjoy a better shower as it works both in low and high-pressure conditions.
  • Digital Temperature Display: The set and actual temperature is prominently displayed.
  • ABS Plastic Outer Body : Compact Corrosion-free Shockproof.
  • Flow based operation: Avoids dry heating as it senses the water flow and switches ON the heating element and switches OFF when there is no water flow.
  • 6 Bar Pressure: High Working pressure suitable for connection to pressure pumps.
  • Over heat Protection: Super safe as it prevents the heat exchanger from overheating (i.e. more than 90°C).
  • Leakage Protection: If the unit detects electricity leakage, the electricity will be cut off by the leakage protector.
  • Guarantee: 2 Years

Buy the Venus Quik series – for hot water instantly!

If you are looking for hot water when you need it, then you might want to buy the Venus Quik Tankless Geysers online. This is an innovative range of instant water heaters, which feature the Unique Heat Exchanger Technology, for quick heating with higher energy efficiency. This is made possible because the heating elements and the pipes are moulded together, within one aluminium block, and the heat is transferred to the water, without any direct contact. This contributes to increased safety and durability, apart from ensuring a continuous, on-demand supply of hot water.

But these aren’t the only reasons you should consider the Venus Quik Geyser series online. From the home of Venus, these geysers are of a sturdy build quality and come equipped with advanced features, making it among the best in its class. One interesting feature is the leakage protector, which will cut off the electricity in case of electricity leakage. Moreover, these geysers are smart enough to adjust the heating power output to maintain the required temperature, even when the water flow has changed. So if you live in an area like Navi Mumbai, with alternating high or low pressure conditions, you could choose to buy the Venus Tankless geysers. These geysers are suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

AS Corp is an authorized distributor for Venus Tankless Geysers online, in Navi Mumbai and nearby locations. We offer genuine units, and also provide installation and service facilities. If you are looking for a dependable instant water heater, then you must check out our range of Venus Quik Tankless Geyser series online.

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